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The three-volume set of Process Questions, Volume 1, 2 and Teacher's Guide...

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Here are some comments/reviews from teachers during the trialling of the Process Questions series:

  • "Excellent questions; having emphasis on scientific processes very welcome; free-response questions ideal; pleasing attempt to keep language level applicable to junior students."
    Elderslie High School
  • "I particularly like the way the questions are divided up into junior science topics/units."
    Barker College
  • "I like the clarity and setting out of the work."
    Barellan Central School
  • "Excellent. This is just the sort of book we need for our students."
    Birrong Girls High
  • "Well-drawn diagrams with the questions being fairly concise."
    St Andrew's Cathedral School
  • "Clear, language used is good; diagrams are clear and simple."
    Dover Heights High School
  • "Very good; a variety of skills tested."
    Holy Cross College
  • "The Teacher's Guide provides excellent backup. I suggest a class set be purchased by each Science department."
    STANSW Reviewer

See the Table of Contents for all three (3) volumes and download Samples of the books. You can purchase books from the Online Store or Contact Us for any queries or orders.




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